Aktualizace: 18. června 2019 – PC | The Sims 4 CZ

Aktualizace: 18. června 2019 – PC

DeadKarlos | 19. června 2019 | Návštěvnost 2247

Hiya Simmers!

Is it hot outside, or is that just my gland problem? Anyway, let’s not worry about that - we’ve got some awesome new stuff to talk about! With all this Summer heat and with Sims 4 Island Living’s release just around the corner, we’ve got a few new free updates we are so excited to share with you! So let’s slap on some sunglasses, squeeze into that swimsuit, and dive on in...

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Nový obsah

Tlačítko náhodné vlastnosti:

A Randomize Traits button has been added to CAS and in the Live Mode Age-Up Molecule. Oh yes, it’s now just right there, waiting to be clicked. Over and over and over and over. I can’t really believe it either, but here it is. The dark days without this small hero are now just a distant unpleasant memory. From here on out, if you just want to grab-and-go your Sim’s personality and get the heck outta CAS, or if you want to add a little challenge to who your Sims might be, it’s just one click away. Jeepers, this feels good. Seriously, I’ve been wanting this forever.


Salonní křeslo:

Everyone (even you) gets a FREE LOUNGE CHAIR! That’s right, we’ve added a delightfully Portable Lounge Chair, so you can now lounge by the pool the way you’ve always wanted: Laid back. With your mind on your Simoleons and your Simoleons on your mind.


It’s Pride Month!

Show your pride with some fantastically colorful new clothing. The rainbow leggings are my personal favorite. Nah, maybe the body suit is my favorite. But now that you mention it, I can’t stop dressing my Sims in the new t-shirts -- created in partnership with the It Gets Better Project -- so I guess I just love it all! In addition, we’ve also included a selection of decorative Pride flags for hanging on your Sims’ walls. Finally, we’ve updated our bathroom door sets in-game so that every bathroom door also includes a gender-neutral version for builders, and includes a full suite of color swatches for mixing and matching to your heart’s content. Happy Pride Month, everyone!



Or as I like to call them, High Heels for your House. Or House Heels. These things don’t need to be limited to just the tropics. Stilts are a great partner in crime to manipulated and flat terrain alike in any biosphere. You can find them in Build Mode alongside all the other regular Foundation types. Now go get your stilt on.


Nové okapy:

Now you can pull your Eaves… further.


Víc barevných dveří:

Ok, we may have gone a bit overboard here… There are 350 new color swatches spread across all of the doors and arches in the base game catalog. If you’ve ever wanted matching doors in Light Brown, Reddish Brown, Brown, Dark Brown, Gray, White, or Black, then this is certainly the update for you!


Nové vlastnosti pozemků:

  • Clothing Optional: This new venue-only lot trait will inspire your Sims to -- you guessed it -- get nude.
  • Off-The-Grid: Now you can live out your nomadic fantasy on any lot. Applying this lot trait will remove your Sim’s use of power and running water, but on the upside it keeps your bills down. Keep a lookout for existing objects with the “Works Off-The-Grid” note in the Buy Catalog.


Barevné pleny pro batolata:

We added some L’il Swimmies Splashy Diapers! You don’t necessarily have to use them for splashing in the water, but that’s where our brains were at when we made them. We made these not only in anticipation for Island Living, but we also thought you’d appreciate more swimming options for your toddlers to use in the Seasons Kiddie Pool.



A new Back Float interaction is available for Sims swimming in the pool. Click on that water. Try it out. Take a load off.


Doplňky rybaření:

Brace yourself, we’re about to cast you into a deep dive…

  • We added several new interactions to allow players to fish in different ways and interact with other Sims around fishing activities.
  • Sims can perform a few new Fishing-based socials to gain useful info (via UI TNS/Notebook) and push NPCs to Fish.
  • Fishing is now joinable.
  • Improved fishing interaction tuning and autonomy to make the interaction more efficient and fun.
  • Upper skill levels now provide more meaningful rewards, with new Interactions added to Fishing skill levels
  • New high skill cast interaction “Angle for Big Catch” increases chance of getting rarer fish.
  • New high-skill VFX visuals on Rare fishing spots.
  • Ability to now “Mentor Sims in Fishing.”
  • Fishing UI has improved information, including Notebook info with Bait information.
  • Tuning for fish that can be caught is unique per world & more fishing spots added to some of our previously shipped worlds.
  • New bait preference system applied to most existing fish that modify catch chances.


Nová ventilace:

Ceiling Fans will now cool a room if you have Seasons and the fan is on. Oh yeah, speaking of which, we also added the ability to turn them On and Off. And while we were at it, we figured we’d make them dry off damp Sims too.


Nové seřazení režimu stavby:

We also added a new Ceiling Objects Build sort category to make things like Fans easier to find.



There is now a chance for interesting things to happen to your Sims while swimming, like getting a cramp or losing their suit (eek!). Swimming also now gives your Sims a boost in Fitness skill gain.


Částečný úvazek:

And last but not least (you still with me?) all existing Part-Time Jobs are no longer just for Teens. That’s right, now elders could work as Fast Food Employees. Young Adults could be Babysitters if they want. Why not? The Part-Time world is your oyster. Oh oh oh -- and one last thing on that note: You can now have two Part-Time Jobs at once and pick between shifts. Wowee.



Obecné opravy

  • Toddler’s Needs will now always be refilled while they’re at daycare.
  • Exterior trim now correctly applies to rounded flat blocks.
  • Adult Sims will now be able to successfully put Toddlers to bed. I wonder what their secret is. I may need to tap them for tips.
  • Sims on fire are now able to safely extinguish themselves in a pool. That’s refreshing.
  • The Dizzy Palms Ceiling Fan’s blades now tilt in the right direction.
  • Toddlers will no longer be put down from the high chair before they’ve finished eating. Patience mama, they’re still learning.
  • Gender Preference now affects flirt options.
  • Teen Sims will no longer spin into their Everyday outfit when going to school. If Randy wants to wear his swim trunks to school, well that’s Randy’s business.
  • Flirting with another Sim in a group conversation no longer increases the entire group’s Romance with you. That was awkward.
  • NPC Invites for Talent Showcase and Lounge will now take you to the appropriate venue.
  • We have fixed that bizarre issue where you’d have your Sims travel home, and then you load into your home lot, and your Sim’s skewer thumbnails are all greyed out like they’re not there, but when you hover over the skewer it tells you your Sims are at home. But like, they’re not at home. You’re staring at this empty lot, unable to play your Sims and you’re like.. “Is this even my home?”. And you start to question whether you selected the right lot on the map, but then you’re like “Wait, yeah - this is totally my home. But where are my Sims? It’s telling me they’re at home, but they’re not here.” Anyway, this should be fixed now.
  • Ghosts will no longer be obsessively calling you 5-ish times a day to see if you want to come over and hang out. They’ve been working on their self-control and are limited to at most one call per day now.
  • Terrain Paint now functions properly on Laptop Mode for AMD graphics cards.
  • NPC Sims will no longer get a sudden need to get nude after waking up if they have traveled off-lot and returned while you are visiting them. This one was weird. I wish I could show you the bug video.


Cesta ke slávě

  • We’ve toned down the amount of excitement that occurs when a celebrity makes an appearance outside of Del Sol Valley. They should be showing up outside of Del Sol Valley less often as well, so that should cut down on the ruckus.
  • It was a setup! I’ve been framed! It wasn’t me, I swear! You’ll pay for this! You got the wrong guy, it was Wilma! Wilma, I tell you! Celebrity Sims will no longer be falsely accused of stealing things. And for Wilma’s sake, I hope they get over what happened in the past.
  • Captain Sigma’s Gig costume no longer includes a chicken mask. That was a fowl fashion choice.
  • Performing “Tell a Group Story” Interaction Goals will now complete for the Fan Meet & Greet Event.
  • We fixed the issue with Del Sol Valley’s terrain disappearing when View Distance was set to High. Graphics cards (that we know of) that were affected by the issue:
    • Intel HD Graphics 3000
    • Intel HD Graphics 4000
    • AMD Radeon R6 Graphics
    • ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5145
    • NVIDIA GT 120
  • We fixed the Del Sol Valley skyline texture glitch after exiting CAS.
  • Elder Sims will no longer have the option to retire from the Acting Career, just to be met with a sad, sad reality. Before they were taunted with a TNS telling them they got this big great pension and now they can sit back and relax, but the pension amount was §0. That’s just so dark…


Roční období

  • Now, if you travel during a holiday, the holiday decorations on your neighbor’s homes will be removed after the holiday ends. They were admittedly being either a bit overly festive or just a tad lazy. Either way, it’s been dealt with.
  • Sims will no longer gluttonously guzzle/gulp/slurp/chug water/milk/orange juice during events. No need to be so shellfish.
  • Jogging Vampires will no longer hold an umbrella while jogging because that’s just silly.


Psi a kočky

  • Strays can now eat and use litter boxes without having to make the lot a Cat Hangout. You poor poor babies. You’re safe now.
  • Existing Sims/Saves will once again be able to lecture their pets. Now you can let Biscuit know how you truly feel when she jumps up on the counter.
  • It’s been ongoing, but we are actively calming those overly excited pets. Your queue should no longer fill up with a stack of a zillion bubbles from your pets when you run certain interactions. We’ve been working on this issue for a while with a few other fixes, but it’s been rearing its head with new repro steps here and there. So hopefully this fish sticks.
  • Having a puppy or kitten nearby will no longer interrupt your Sim’s bath or shower. We swear they weren’t doing that on porpoise.
  • Sims are now able to walk through doors with Country Curtains.


Život ve městě

  • Building pieces in apartments will no longer be invisible when viewing from the upper floor. That must have been very disconcerting to not know what happened to your stuff.
  • Cleared out some pesky extra plants floating around the Romance Festival.
  • Your Sims should now be able to buy art from the Street Gallery object during a Yard Sale.
  • Oh this one’s a doozy. Get this: Talking John and Potty Mouth 2.0 toilets no longer play their sound on an endless loop when a child Sim runs the Use & Massage interaction, even after the toilet is destroyed. Bonus points to SimGuruJill for keeping a straight face writing that one.
  • Foundations will no longer cut out the floor of a Penthouse.
  • Coffee and Tea is safe to drink again. Sims will no longer receive the “Lethal Heat” buff and die upon returning home after drinking three hot beverages.


Společná zábava

  • Empty Clubs will no longer linger in your Clubs Panel. They are now self-aware enough to know when the party’s over and it is time to go home.


Hurá do práce!

  • Coworkers are now spawning for the Science career. Yes, they missed you too.
  • Breast Feed is no longer available for male Sim parents of non-alien babies. Only alien spawn possess the cosmic knowledge of the most nourishing MANaries.



  • We fixed some buggy dog-walking behavior in Strangerville.
  • We shortened up the time it takes to complete the Give Orders Daily Task in the Courageous Captain Rank of the Officer Branch of the Military Career. That was a mouthful.


Dobrodružství v džungli

  • You will no longer receive countless notifications when you leave your kitten or puppy at home while vacationing in Selvadorada.



  • Vampire Sims will now once again gain points after they reach the Grandmaster level on pre-April (2019) patch saves.
  • Your Vampires will no longer be unrightfully chastised by NPCs for drinking their blood after they specifically asked if it was ok. Like, I’m trying to be polite here and you said it was fine, and now you’re like all bent about it… what gives?
  • Perfect Sun Resistance Vampires will no longer use umbrellas when routing in the sun. Flaunt it, baby.
  • We fixed the weirdness with trying to add points while drinking the Draught of Reconfiguration. Now you should be able to add points just fine and your options won’t be greyed out.
  • Cured Vampires will now change body temperature. Why you gotta be so cold?



  • Sims will now hold laundry bags the right way. What is the right way, you ask? Trust me, it’s better than how they were holding it before.


And now to wrap it all up, let’s get playing! I hope you enjoy your summer updates and have yourself one wonderful day today.




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